Aug. 4, 2020

003: How Yolanda Russell RN Ditched Burnout and Became a Nurse Burnout Coach

003: How Yolanda Russell RN Ditched Burnout and Became a Nurse Burnout Coach

On this episode of Beyond Med-Surg Nursing, I had a blast talking with Yolanda Russell, a Coach who specializes in helping nurses to get unstuck, kiss burnout goodbye and find happiness in their calling, what's right for them.

We recorded this interview back in the 1st week of February, so you may hear some references to some activities and events that refer to pre- or early pandemic days.  I also have some updates on the information she shared because Yolanda has been going full-steam ahead in her coaching business.

I live in California and when the stay-at-home orders went into effect, I felt like I went into a haze and I’m just getting my bearings back. So much has changed in the past few months. I had just started my podcast back in February, yet everything has changed for nurses and our country. It’s taken me the past few months to get out of the haze and back to producing more episodes for the podcast. 

What I’ve realized is how important these conversations with nurses who have moved beyond med-surg and bedside nursing are. You might be in a place to make a change and I hope this episode inspires you to do so, if that's right for you.

I think you’ll get a kick out of my interview with Yolanda because she’s full of energy, has been where a lot of nurses are now, burned out, and needed to make a change. In this episode she talks about how she made the switch from ICU Nurse to Nurse Coach. 

 In today's episode Yolanda touches on 

  • The round-about path she took that landed her in nursing
  • The day that caused her to question if being a bedside nurse was right for her. 
  • How she decided to pursue her career path to coaching
  • The main skill she learned in nursing that helped her to make a successful career transition
  • What she would do, or not do differently if she was starting over again today.
  • Lessons and tips for nurses who are considering leaving bedside nursing

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