July 28, 2020

002: How Chelsey Rodgers Created a Thriving eCommerce Business While Working in the PICU

002: How Chelsey Rodgers Created a Thriving eCommerce Business While Working in the PICU

On this episode of Beyond Med-Surg Nursing, I'm chatting with Chelsey Rodgers, a former Pediatric Critical Care nurse who took something that she was already doing, which was to organize herself and what she needed to do for her patients (something we all can relate to) and created a business that helps 1,000's of other nurses do the same.

Not only has she created a thriving eCommerce business, Tribe-RN.com, but she's also created an engaged and active Facebook community of over 16,000 nurses and nursing students. Truly an amazing accomplishment.

Here is Chelsey's mission in her own words: "My mission is to create the best resources, tools, charts, and diagrams for her fellow nurses. I want to help everyone in our field, from nursing student to seasoned nurse.

I envision a community of nurses banding together, sharing ideas, focus, resources, laughs, and stressors. My hope in this is to create unity within our profession and improve patient care.

In today's episode, Chelsey discusses

  • How her nursing background led to her business
  • The push that launched her business
  • The mindset shift she had to make to get comfortable leaving the bedside
  • How her Facebook is designed to serve, educate and bring nurses together
  • How she develops her products
  • Lessons and tips for nurses who are considering starting their own business

Chelsey’s enthusiasm and commitment to helping nurses is contagious. I know you’ll love her story and hearing about her business.

Book resource: Simon Sinek, Start with Why

Get in touch with Chelsey via email at Chelsey@Tribe-RN.com
Shop for clinical resources at https://tribe-rn.com/
Join her Facebook Group Community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/TribeRN/
Follow on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/tribern_official/

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